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Developers and coders who can create features with advanced technology such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, digital ID, internet of things, augmented or virtual reality, and other enhancements will provide benefits for communication, safety, help, equality, sharing, fun, security, user controls, and protection to people for positive social effects tech.

We can create better content management systems and backend services to provide a protective environment and portals for benevolent projects. Anti-cyberabuse and safety projects from Worldie can be expanded to impact other organizations and businesses.

See our Social Projects to learn about our goals for a better world and future.

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With our mission to create positive social impact, safety, equality, data for good, and integration for a better world and future, our social impact model provides the best assurance that your donations go to creating technology that will help.

We welcome partnerships with nonprofits, services, academia, businesses, research, initiatives, and individuals who want to create technology for good and to pool resources with our humanitarian focus and benevolent social projects.

We want a new era: Safety, Equality, and Tech4Good.

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