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Leaders Representing People Worldwide

At our international social media organization, we represent people worldwide and from different regions. We’re global to show that we value people from all parts of the world, and to show different perspectives. We unify the world by giving people representation. We thrive on improving and building.

Worldie leads with the focus to create positive social impact and a better future.

Enjoy life with a public safety, humanitarian, and services focused social media organization.
Worldie’s teams and partners want to improve lives by creating better systems. We value the individual and act with ethics, transparency, and integrity.

Our teams and committees are of all social statuses, and because of this, we can provide a more egalitarian platform. As 2nd generation, we are from the social side first. We understand social effects from the online ecosystem. Social media should be a springboard for life, progress, and productivity. The individual matters, not the majority.

We want people to be safe and treated equally everywhere. We have ethical, egalitarian, humanitarian, motivational, high quality, and innovative goals to improve people’s lives.

With ethics, humanitarianism, equality, social impact, and technology integrating, we’re Social Tech for Good.

Representatives and Oversight Networks for a Better World with Empathy for People

The Oversight Network is the most dynamic, evolving, and protective, changing the free-for-all era to representatives specialized in serving people with their missions. It moves a wild democracy to representation respecting public figures, equality, rescue, and safety. Currently we have organizations and companies, but would welcome public affairs.

Since social media and technology facilitates communication, information, partnerships, and people, it can enter into numerous industries as an ecosystem. Committee members have the same missions for a better world and empathy for people. Committee members are representatives.

We’re creating a flipped pyramid of oversight and integration for positive, equal, and safe decisions.

Quality Training on Systems to Set High Standards

2nd Generation – The Solution 

High Quality and Social Environment Training to Improve Life

Our team is trained to see Social Media like it can be similar to a Sims, Tycoon, or Massive Multiplayer Online Game that can have a Helpful System. It’s an Environment with Social Effects that can be managed.

Our team does quality, careful, and evolutionary development because we don’t want any mistakes – only improvement. We have crowdsourcing with credibility management and partners. Our strength is human capital. We see the past generation of social media as an unmanaged game without safety or value for human life.

As a second generation that came after social media’s first flawed era, our team has people who saw cyberabuse online and ethical problems. They may have been moderators, interfering people online, wanting to save lives with causes or with technology, or victims of online abuses.

We see social media as a springboard tool to improve life, not as something to facilitate a chaotic game in real life. We’re humanitarians and egalitarians who care about people.

We take outcomes caused by our organization seriously. We thrive on improving and building. We intend to make the past archaic on how people should be treated.

Worldie provides people representation for social issues. We want fair and helpful representation at this global organization. With this structure, we can grow with a strong foundation. Our structure is very different from other platforms with providing transparency, social impact, credibility, and openness.

This is the structure for the future.

If you want to apply to our committees, please fill out our form.

“Being a Worldie is changing the world and helping others. Open your world and future.”

International for a Better World.

Board of Social Enterprise 🌍

Christina Taft

Founder and CEO in San Diego, California, USA

Entrepreneur, egalitarian, innovator, multiple founder, humanitarian, and futurist. She's the founder of Worldie, Rescue Social Tech, and mutiple projects to change paradigms. She created frameworks to update rescue technology systems and understands social effects. She interferes for women against cyberabuse, and was even hired once to an AI/ML moderator project as a contractor for a social network that did not meet her standards. We're creating social technology for a safe and equal world with partners. We'll change the world.

David Sugar

Manager and Board Member, in New Jersey, USA

Former founder, board member, and CTO for open source telecom corporation Tycho Softworks. He is Chief for the Cherokees of Idaho. He worked on a project to improve emergency communications during disasters in Norway, geospatial projects, and lectured in Europe.

Anna Sillanpää

Manager and Board Member in Helsinki, Finland

Anna is an idealistic humanitarian. The world needs changing and we will do it. It does not take so many people. It takes courage and dedication. She has MsC in Computer Science from University of Helsinki, Finland, and has pursued additional studies in MBA and coaching. She has 35 years of international experience in various roles in multibillion dollar tech companies.

Quinét Enakele

UK Manager and Board Member in London, United Kingdom

Quinét is an innovative business leader with over 15 years experience spanning various industries and countries, IT software development, and stakeholder management. She has managed high-level projects worth millions of dollars in energy and technology firms and held seats on multiple boards. She's passionate about empowering women and children who are the most vulnerable members of society, and raised funds for causes and nonprofits in the UK.

Representatives Committees

Amorita Christian

Representative between Twin Cities, Minnesota and New York City, NY, USA

Project manager for technology and medical.

Celia Sandhya Daniels

Transgender and Gender Non Binary Activist in US and South Asia - Los Angeles, CA, USA

Celia is an Asian Indian trans women of color - an entrepreneur, public speaker, activist, motivator, musician, artist, photographer and filmmaker. Management consultant with 20+years in Healthcare and Life Sciences industry.

Diandra Martini

Representative in South America - Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Innovation and IoT Enthusiast, Political Scientist, passionate about technology, people, and diversity

Collins Nnabugwu

Special Envoy, State of African Diaspora (SOAD) - Nigeria, Africa

Collins Nnabugwu is a Social Entrepreneur, Technology Innovator, Empowering Speaker, and the Special Envoy for the State of the African Diaspora. He is the Founder of the Organization for Leadership and Strategy Development (OLSD), CEO of Cyber Future Holdings (CFA), and CEO of Click Media Technologies.

Robert Paulson

Manager and Board Member in Columbus, Ohio, USA

Frederick Thiele

Representing Canada - Vancouver, British Columbia

Robert Hopkins

Representing Canada - Ontario

Egalitarian and coding enthusiast

Linda Howard

Representing Australia - Perth Western

Public Relations - Human Resources - Indigenous Affairs

Renzo Rojas

Representative for South America - Peru

International Equal Opportunity and Egalitarian Stance

We're for equal opportunity and take an advanced international egalitarian stance. All will be considered without attention to social status, race or ethnicity, color, sex, sexuality or sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression, age, national origin, beliefs or philosophies or no beliefs, veteran or disability status. In addition, we do not discriminate based on socioeconomic status, appearance, social origin, minority, genetic features, languages, crime victim or abuse victim, disaster victim, adversity, health, property or wealth, familial or marital status, political beliefs, employment duration, union activities, location, or birth. We're open to all social statuses, including people of adversity and differences, and geographical regions. We do not base our positions by employment or educational history alone. Your skills, talents, and inputs matter!

Make a Difference Worldwide with International Social Media for Social Impact.