Services & Social Impact 🚒

Improving Lives with Social Tech for Good

We understand social influence, social impact, and how to improve rescue, equality, and collaboration worldwide.

Our social projects provide a roadmap for a safe and equal world. We provide positive social effects in online ecosystems.

Within all-in-one main communication channels, we want to improve and save lives with technologies, partners, social impact, and help networks. Worldie is technology for safety and equality.

Ask Worldie for individualized help against harmful social influence and cyberabuse.

Worldie creates technology and coding for anti-cyberabuse, safety, equality, humanitarianism, help, and collaboration.
Through our partnerships, we provide expansion and technology for good.
We are a distribution center for services with benevolent systems to increase quality of life.

As an intermediary, we connect organizations to help others and support our partners.

Enjoy life with public safety, humanitarian, and services social media & rescue social tech. 🎁

Each technology feature applies to our projects and mission for a better world with social impact.

We want people to be equal, safe, and helped either directly from other people or through services.

We’re the only all-in-one social media platform that supports women.

We improve quality of life.
Open your world for progress with Worldie. 🚀

Social Projects to Benefit People and the World

Public Safety, Humanitarianism, and Services

With our technology projects, partners, and platforms, we create social impact. No other social media platform has safety or servicing people as a priority.
When you use Worldie, you’re contributing to a system that will use your data to help you.

Worldie Supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Worldie Supports Safety and Equality:

  • Goal 5 – Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls
  • Goal 10 – Reduce Inequalities
  • Goal 16 – Peaceful and Inclusive Societies
  • Goal 17 – Global Partnerships for the SDGs

We support female leadership in social media, stopping violence against women with technology, and providing a protective environment which supports Goal 5:

“Enhance the use of enabling technology, in particular information and communications technology, to promote the empowerment of women.”

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity.

Roadmap, Framework, and Programs for a Better Era – Summaries

Projects for Good with a Network of Partners

Anti-Cyberabuse & Protective Environments

Creating a Safe & Equal World - Public Safety and Saving Lives

Public Safety, Humanitarianism, Anti-Crime, & Rescue

Prioritizing improving lives with public safety partners, social projects, help network, and equality. Humanitarian work, crowdsourced help, services, encouraging helpful interference, and supporting rescue. Preventing, stopping, and reducing crime, abuse, harassment, hate, violence, objectification, and exploitation online, early, and in-person. Supporting victim-centered, pro-active, pre-emptive platforms, technology, data for good, and protective responses for victims, witnesses, and supporters. Innovation, distribution, disaster aid, communications, and credibility. Creating safe and equal systems.

Safety, Protections, & Prevention

Trustworthy and Safe Cyberspace, cybersecurity emphasis, protection, privacy, monitoring, prevention, quality user controls, services, data for good, defense, pro-active and protective moderation, anti-cyberabuse projects, safety projects, positive internet, and response. Referring to public safety partners. Viewing both intent and impact.

Supporting Equal Business Success & Autonomy

Encourage commerce, businesses, entrepreneurship, leaders, business promotion, equality in leadership, founders, nonprofits, organizations, transactions, trade, jobs, and helping economies around the world. Being a springboard for businesses and organizations to grow internationally, with a collaborative effort. Increasing start ups, innovation, founders, and living standards with economic, inspirational, and social enterprise support. Removing cyberabuse against businesses, nonprofits, and public figures. Increasing autonomy, independence, and equal opportunity to all social statuses. Improving access, safety, and equal power. Social projects and partnerships to help communities.

Rescue Social Tech

Proactivity for Social Influence - Artificial Intelligence and Robots for Good

Diplomacy & International Relations

Expanding international partners worldwide to help people. Diplomacy and public affairs partners, internationalism, building alliances, supporting United Nations SDGs, peacebuilding, supporting ambassadors, openness, collaboration, worldwide teams and committees, civility, humanitarianism, remote work, egalitarianism, international protections, increasing quality of life, communications, safety, equality, and integration for positive social impact. Sharing resources, oversight, and social impact.

Positivity, Enlightenment, Motivational, & Inspiring

Positive social impact, social effects, increasing progress, positive redirection, emphasis, and social influence with motivational and inspiring frameworks. Viewing external effects in the environment and chain reactions on each person. Understanding how the online ecosystem affects people. Empowering, protective environments. Social projects to increase quality of life and encouragement. Inspiring people to be productive, helpful, and motivated. Encouraging success and improving lives.

Increasing Journalism & Information

Supporting hard news, increasing quality journalism, positive news, and sharing quality information worldwide. Preventing harm to people as priority, protecting public figures as equals, supporting and protecting reporters. Increasing global and local news for openness, promoting helpful media. Encouraging journalism, investigative reporting, and human interest. Removing cyberabuse against journalists and public figures. Promoting credible news which benefits people's equality, livability, international integration, and knowledge.

Help Networks

Creating a Helpful World - Directly, Services, Partnerships

Leadership for Improving Lives, Humanitarianism, Equality, Ethics, Empathy, & Quality

Credibility management with socially responsible, ethical, egalitarian, humanitarian, and pro-active leaders. Representatives, network of partners, advisers, services, and oversight who make decisions with empathy for the best outcomes and progress. Watching cause and effect with systems thinking. Service leadership that prioritizes safety and equality to provide a springboard for growth. Being international, changing the world, and helping others. Viewing people, improving and saving lives, and social impact as priorities.

Personality, Uniqueness, Individualism, & Creativity

Encourage differences, creativity, entertainment, caring about the individual, media, multicolor, all social statuses, colors, sharing, socializing, egalitarianism, and openness with customization and opportunities for multiple expressions. Supporting the entertainment, art, and music industries. All-in-one creative canvas around the protective framework. Expression that is done safety without retaliation and to improve life.

Public Learning & Education

Partnerships, education, peacebuilding, improving technology, increasing access worldwide to all social statuses, innovation, inclusion, integrating, diversity, increasing equality, books, secularism, quality science, teaching about people's rights, credibility, and content creation. Supporting academia and positive research. Increasing access to disadvantaged demographics, infrastructure, and increasing knowledge. Teaching and sharing materials for increasing help, egalitarianism, peacebuilding, progress, not-a-bystander training, public safety. self-sufficiency, humanitarianism, and innovation. Building resources.


Equal Rights, Human Rights, Equality, Women's Equality

Integration, Equality, & Unity

Focusing on uniting the world, diversity, equality, networking, opening people up to civil conversation, new views, and new geographies. Increasing moderation, opportunity, and civility with anti-cyberabuse, anti-discrimination, protecting public figures, and respecting political beliefs. Integration with a protective, encouraging environment for people, charity, help, nonprofits, and business. Finding new ways to integrate technologies, organizations, alliances, and partners for common missions.

Opening up the World & Communications

Connecting people worldwide with quality, enjoyable, civil, social, and safe communications that provide equality, networking, media, data, systems, and features for worldwide access. Providing a helpful framework around main communication channels. Increasing technology to disadvantaged demographics. Providing creativity and utility. Opening up the world to opportunities of communication worldwide that increases living standards, productivity, and progress.

Futurism, Innovation, & High Quality

Differentiation leadership, watching cause and effect, and focusing on providing the most effective results possible. Taking time to evolve and build the best foundations for the best positive social impact. Having a quality network of partners, oversight, research, and advisers. Creating sustainability, structuring, and projects to last for decades for better outcomes. Openness to change, enlightenment, and development. Highest quality, high standards, design, human experience, and new technology for good with the goals of increasing services, features, improving quality of life, evolving improvement, and high technology capabilities for the mission of a better world.

Foundations for Egalitarianism and Representation

Representing All Social Statuses

We represent all social statuses to provide access to everyone and equal representation for protection. We want integration, openness, social impact, and mixing for social media platforms. Each individual has value.


Representing People of All Regions Worldwide

We represent people of any region and country. With diplomatic views, our goal is to have people represented from all areas to have a voice. We want people to know people from other regions. We respect people from all locations.

Caring About the Rights of the Individual

By caring about each individual and person, we bring all levels together for a more helpful and understanding world. Egalitarian is defined as: ``all people are equal and deserve equal rights and opportunities.``

Data for Good 🚀

Our goal is to use data for good and positive social impact with benevolent social projects to improve lives.

We care about people and thrive on improving lives and success. Data should be used for services, nonprofits, public safety, humanitarianism, social good, positive social effects, protective oversight, and to serve people in a social impact model with stakeholders. We move technology from being ads-based to being services, livability, and protection based.

With humanitarian ethics, equality, services, safety, anti-cyberabuse, credibility managmeent, and social projects, we can create a helpful social environment within main communication channels.

We want safe, innovative, progressive, diplomatic, positive, and intelligent oversight and partnerships to create a new era for social media for good.

Good leaders should make you feel safe.

For example, SaveMeNow App is a partner, and they gather data during fire incidents and geolocate with the goal of saving lives with firefighters.


Gender & Women’s Equality for a Safe and Equal World 🚒

Equality Should Not Wait in Life, Public Safety, Social Media, and Technology. Worldie strongly supports women’s lives and equality with its partners. According to an Association for Progressive Communications study in 2015, no social media companies surveyed had a statement against or an understanding of violence against women. Other social technology companies may have no female founders and may have 5% of women in leadership.

We care about the future and lives of women, and know that social technology is highly influential on livability.

We are pre-emptive and pro-active. By protecting and empowering women online and in-person, we improve their everyday lives in leadership, careers, public office, entertainment, and entrepreneurship. We prevent, mitigate, and stop harassment, discrimination, exploitation, hate, abuse, violence, and crimes against women online and in-person with protective environments, social influence, and projects. We support female public figures, progress, success, increasing living standards, and saving lives with social impact.

With supporting social projects, partners, and foundations, including public safety and creating help networks, we bring equality and support better quality of life.  Our network of partners support gender equality and safety with their services, training, innovative models, access projects, technology, and missions.

“We, the Internet“ Citizen’s Dialogue Supports Co-Decision

According to “We, the Internet“ citizen’s dialogue overseen by the United Nations digital cooperation panel, people want a co-decision model. “Creating an inclusive digital public sphere.“

Worldie wants to solve the issues of disinformation and harmful ‘fake news’ by supporting quality journalism, positive social impact, and carefully monitoring the effects of our platform. We support stakeholders who will provide a base for our social projects.

We want to protect individuals and solve cyberabuse with a pro-active, pre-emptive model that goes beyond the victim-centered model, as well as influencing people to do direct help.

Research Supports Worldie

Outside research and examples support creating Social Media for Good with oversight on social effects.

Technology for Good and AI for Good: 

We create social projects, technology, and networks of partners for improving lives with positive social effects and social impact on people, communication, motivation, economies, business, equality, movements, openness, activism, safety, progress, security, helping others and rescue. We see the big picture, yet also how each person matters in a chain reaction.


We can use social media to get people to learn more, do more, think more, and feel more positive with the ability to express themselves, be creative, yet also protected.

Empower People:

People should have choices, feel positively limitless as possible, and be empowered to have their own independence. We want many features, settings, and customization to provide people their potential for more. We want the public to be empowered.


Worldie provides people representation for social issues in social media. We want fair and helpful representation at this global organization. With this structure, we can grow with a strong foundation. Our structure is very different from other platforms with providing transparency, social impact, and openness. This is the structure for the future.

Being a Worldie is changing the world and helping others. Join a better world and future.