Partners & Advisers

Join our International Network of Partners to improve lives with services, oversight, representation, equality, and safety for a better world.

Support Positive Social Impact, Services, Technology, and Social Media for Good.

We’re creating a structure which is a flipped pyramid of strong oversight, leaders, and services who respond to provide the best outcomes.

We welcome partnerships and advisers who will work with us to support social projects, make helpful decisions with oversight, provide services, and share resources for mutual positive benefit. Our goal is to set strong foundations for a safe and equal world to improve lives with innovation, social impact, technology, a positive internet, our international organization, and a network of partners.

We expand and support our partners worldwide.

We create Social Media for Good where people benefit from a framework of nonprofits, services, causes, and social projects to help them. We want our frontend users to connect to suggested partners, backend services, and response.

We especially focus on public safety, humanitarianism, services, diplomacy, United Nations SDGs, and equality.

We want to provide services and social impact as an international organization with representation for livability, communications, safety, equality, data for good, and social issues.

If you want to be a partner, service, adviser, overseeing organization, researcher, ally, or supporter of Worldie, please fill out this form to apply.

For Integration with Nonprofits, Businesses, Journalists, Technology, Projects, and Features:
  • We can provide partnerships – as our partners and team grows, the opportunity for your network further increases as we find alliances on the same missions.
  • If you want to add content, features, or services to our modules as a nonprofit, business, academia, project, or individual, we can integrate and share resources by providing our platform to support yours. We want to work together.
  • There are needs for connecting nonprofits together with the frontline, hard news, nearly free business, services, music, activities, gaming, public safety, and to provide quality social projects.
    • Numerous data APIs exist, however, not for anti-harassment or nonprofits in general – which is where we come in to fill that need. Provide us opportunities for collaboration!
    • We can create alliances and mutual benefit by referring people to your nonprofit, business, or cause.
  • We want partners who want to create more equality in technology, public safety, humanitarianism, and in life.
  • Together we can provide solutions to today’s social media, technology, social, safety, ethical and overall intertwining problems now and create sustainability for the future.
  • We can provide, support, and integrate services from numerous industries, with the central idea of creating technology and social media for good, and being mutually supportive.
  • We will work on business development with our team and network of partners to expand your social good causes to other countries worldwide.
Our goal is to improve lives with a network of partners and social projects. We value protection, equality, saving lives, expression, integration, humanitarianism, innovation, improving quality of life, prevention, proactivity, and causes.
We welcome collaboration as we build new foundations.

We help expansion of our international partners for public safety, humanitarianism, and equality by linking technology and networking.

Support a better future by joining our partners.
For Social Impact, Services, Oversight, Humanitarianism, Public Safety, Research, and Causes:
  • We look forward to helping society, providing a protective environment, benefiting creativity and communication, providing services, supporting causes, and cultivating integration. We care about the individual and want to positively influence.
  •  Advising or partnering benefits you with resources, data for good, referrals, representation, our partnerships, alliances on the same missions, and shows the world with transparency about our initiatives.
  • We provide our partnerships, team, network, and platforms as our donation to support you and the public.
  • We can create backend portals for services, ethical oversight, or positive research, such as for Help Networks, anti-cyberabuse, public safety, humanitarianism, data for good, or to support our social projects if it will cause or encourage positive social impact.
    • For example, Box’s portals for International Rescue Committee is an inspiration. Worldie would also provide our front-end platform, users, help requests/offers, and marked help. We want to provide services and support organizations to grow internationally for the social good.
  • We want to provide a framework of innovative values, social projects, anti-cyberabuse, and pro-helping social interactions around a 2nd generation of social media.

Worldie Seeks Partners to Support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for Equality

Worldie Supports Safety, Equality, and the SDGs:

  • Goal 5 – Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls
  • Goal 10 – Reduce Inequalities
  • Goal 16 – Peaceful and Inclusive Societies
  • Goal 17 – Global Partnerships for the SDGs

We support female leadership in social media, stopping violence against women with technology, and providing a protective environment which supports Goal 5:

“Enhance the use of enabling technology, in particular information and communications technology, to promote the empowerment of women.”

By joining our partners, you are showing that an international social media and technology organization supports your projects with an alliance. We can collaborate and provide supportive resources. If we work together, we can create a better world, safety, equality, progress, and opportunities.

We will share opportunities for growth worldwide, collaboration, technology development, and funding.

Join us on our mission to improve lives with innovation, technology, and social media for good!

Meet our Partners, Supporters, and Advisers


SaveMeNow’s mission is to save lives using new technologies or mitigate the effect of the incident. SaveMeNow is an emergency platform with two applications. The citizen’s APP connects your mobile device quickly and efficiently with the closest emergency fire rescue service in the UK and the whole of Europe.

In the event of an incident, SaveMeNow sends data in real-time, manually or automatically, to the nearest 112/999/911 centres. They use sensors and all the new technology available, and their platform implements the necessary adjustments to attend the emergency promptly and in the safest possible way.

Worldie supports Public Safety, Humanitarianism, and Services. We help international expansion, awareness, and partnerships for improving public safety and emergency systems, geolocation, and technology for rescuing people. We support public safety technology which is is victim-centered, pro-active, innovative, and pre-emptive. Worldie wants to connect data, technology, and social media crowdsourced help and distribution to systems for safety and help. We support SaveMeNow to save and improve lives.

Women CyberSecurity Society

As an adviser, Women CyberSecurity Society’s mission is to empower women and girls interested in cybersecurity by providing support, programs and services to remove roadblocks and obstacles throughout the life-cycle of their careers. They aim to increase diversity and inclusion while increasing workforce skills and lowering the gender gaps within the industry.

Worldie supports women and equality in technology, cybersecurity, and coding. We provide a protective and supportive environment for women with the goals to eliminate harassment, discrimination, and to provide helpful social projects to improve lives. We support UN SDG 5.b: “Enhance the use of enabling technology, in particular information and communications technology, to promote the empowerment of women.”

Peace Education and Practice Network

Peace Education and Practice Network (PEPNET) sets to bring peacebuilders across the globe together to share knowledge and experiences in order to keep peacebuilders in the know about present realities and trends. PEPNET organises Peace Education Workshops, Trainings and Seminars for Peacebuilders across the globe with the mission of keeping them in shape to have quality impact on their beneficiaries. Mission: Capacity building programme for all Peacebuilders across the globe on peace related issues. Vision: A world of standard peace educators across the globe. Aim: To equip all peacebuilders and increase their delivery level. Peace is a global phenomenon and they plan to make it possible.

Worldie supports peacebuilding, diplomacy, international relations, ambassadors, public affairs, and the United Nations SDG 16 for peaceful and inclusive societies. Worldie wants to improve diplomacy, unity, help, and progress on the internet and social media by supporting and bringing them to the forefront.

Code Your Dreams

Code Your Dreams enables the next generation of innovators and disruptors by empowering youth to solve their community’s problems through code. Code Your Dreams develops a pipeline of young people from diverse backgrounds to enter tech careers.  Their project-based, student-centered programs enable youth to be the change-makers we know they are through code. They focus on serving youth who do not have access to computer science programs, prioritizing South and West side neighborhoods in Chicago, USA.

Worldie supports equality, disadvantaged demographics, and women in technology, and supports projects for increasing education, skills, autonomy, equal opportunity, and economic living standards.

The Girls Code Initiative

The Girls Code aims to increase the number of girls in tech in the world as a whole. Their programs educate, equip, and inspire girls with the computing skills they’ll need to pursue 21st century opportunities. They give girls the skills and resources they need for careers beyond the classroom. They help girls build the confidence they need to succeed in a traditionally male-dominated industry. They want to increase the number of women in the digital space by empowering girls of ages 7 and above to become innovators in STEM fields, leaders in their communities, and builders of their own futures through exposure to computer science and technology. They aim to provide African youth with the skills to occupy some of the 1.4 million computing job openings expected to be available in the world by 2020, and to train 1 million girls by 2025.

Worldie supports female leadership in technology, women and girls in tech, development in Africa, and gender equality.

Motivator Network

Direct Help Network & Motivators. Two Way Success. It promotes a direct help network, motivators, house network, helping people, help maps, motivation, defending others, survival, self-defense, anti-crime, resilience, inspiration, and charity on social media. Influential videos can be seen at on its Channel with over 1,600,000 views. We support causes, victims, prevention, and rescue projects. Duty to rescue and duty to care policies are advocated for. It changes paradigms about direct help. Interference and influence online with examples shows proof of its positive social effects.

Created by Worldie’s original founder, the help network, house network, public safety and charity focus, motivation, caring about the individual, positive influence, proactivity, and empowering ideas are being integrated into Worldie. Motivator Network serves as foundations for crowdsourced help, moderator and not-a-bystander training, and innovation.

Community Solutions Africa

Community Solutions Africa is filling in the gaps when it comes to poverty eradication solutions being developed across Africa. They meet with members of multiple African countries and gauging the quality of life concerns they have and what drawbacks there have been with respect to previous or unexplored efforts being delivered to their area. In focusing on the areas of health, economic empowerment, education, food and water security, and safety and welfare, they have engaged with hundreds of members of 20+ African countries to determine what projects they may begin moving partnership or entrepreneurship into alignment with to effectively chip away at poverty.

Worldie supports equality, United Nations sustainable development goals for a better world, improving economic and living standards, human rights, increasing autonomy and peace, development in Africa, and progress with a network of partners for resource collaboration.

Systemic Diversity and Inclusion Inc.

OUR MISSION IS SIMPLE: Do projects that increase inclusive thinking, learning and practice to create harmony, equity and fairer outcomes for people and organizations, wherever they are in the world.

OUR BELIEFS AND VALUES ARE SIMPLER: We believe the power of sharing our collective knowledge, experiences, and efforts is unparalleled and often underused to create social justice. Without honest, safe, courageous, two-way, mutually respectful conversations and admitting that our individual experiences differ and yet, are of equal value; we will not be able to meaningfully learn from each other or change for the better.

HOW WE MAKE A DIFFERENCE: Using our platform of engagement we bring diverse people together to share research, knowledge, insights, experiences, and ideas, on effective diversity and inclusion policies and best practices. The SDIG platform serves as a social justice forum hosting panel discussions, interviews, webinars, debates, videos, and other means of exchange. This exchange serves as a catalyst which transforms shared knowledge into an educational force that yields peace, equity, and social justice for all.


myGwork is the business community for LGBTQI+ professionals, graduates, inclusive employers and anyone who believes in workplace equality.

We want to empower the LGBTQI+ community by offering our individual members a safe space where they can connect with inclusive employers, find jobs, mentors, professional events and news.

Tycho Softworks

Tycho Softworks develops secure communication solutions and provides commercial support for all GNU Telephony projects. Telephony and collaboration is about how people communicate, and how we facilitate other forms of social interaction. David Sugar, CIO of Worldie, founded Tycho Softworks. He worked on a project in Norway to help with communication during disasters, geospatial projects, collaborated on e-government solutions for the blind with the American Foundation for the Blind in the GNU Alexandria project, and gave educational lectures in Europe.

We support rescue projects, help during disasters and humanitarianism, e-government collaboration, and equality for all social statuses.


We believe that AI technologies should not be unattainable to the larger world and endeavor to make a system that is significantly more economical with environmental and human resources. LOGICMOO works on multiple projects to enable the creation of AGI by developing opensource narrative-intelligence support tools, and as a business venture we are seeking to fund a large scale project to create an artificial human-level intelligent platform and make it accessible and customizable to everyone regardless of economic status. We may not understand the needs of every community, but together we can produce a system that will enable those communities to create tools for their empowerment.


CAS-ODD NGO is a Non-Governmental Organization whose vision is to raise awareness, train and inform people about the challenges of the SDGs. Their mission is to reduce poverty in their country of Benin, Africa through the promotion of youth entrepreneurship and the strengthening of the socio-economic capacities & leadership of young women and girls for a just, equitable and prosperous world.

Canadian atheists logo

Canadian atheists

Canadian atheists are concerned about rights, freedoms, and the general well-being of atheists in Canada and internationally. With our social media policies, Worldie gives a protective environment for atheists to keep them safe from discrimination, unfair content removal, and harassment. Our equal opportunity policies are inclusive to those not holding beliefs. The user profile about section supports secularism with section: “Opinions: Politics and Beliefs” which is open to any philosophy. We appreciate representation and partnerships which show our egalitarian positioning.

Worldie values the minority and individual, not the majority or crowd.

Cyber Future Academy

Cyber Future Academy is a virtual learning platform designed to offer free online digital courses that will prepare Africans to leverage on the 4th Industrial Revolution to inspire a rapid digital evolution in Africa and the African Diaspora. CFA will offer courses in AI, AR and VR technologies, IoT, Robotics, Holographic Technologies, Coding Languages, Mobile App Development, Blockchain, 2D/3D Technologies, and Software Development. Worldie supports the social projects of “Public Learning and Education,” “Technology to Disadvantaged Demographics,” “Futurism, Innovation, and High Quality,” and “Integration, Equality, and Unity” which supports Cyber Future Academy’s mission.

We, further, support the United Nations SDG 10 for reducing inequalities and UNESCO’s goals for Africa’s success.

International Association of Atheists

The International Association of Atheists (IAA) was created out of a need for an atheist nonprofit ready to take on the tough issues, like human rights, and willing to be fully transparent and ethical. IAA will focus on bringing evidence-based education to theocratic countries, ending blasphemy laws, supporting atheists in danger, and providing tools for the atheist business owner. Their organization is for atheist-friendly people just as much as it is for atheists as we feel we can accomplish much more together.


The theory with motivation at the center. Externalize, instead of internalize. 36 tenets for resilience, action, and empowerment to change situations. Focus on strengths, not weaknesses. There’s also relationship triage which is a great alternative and it’s been used successfully many times – even if just online.

Worldie uses Motivationology for positive social impact, encouragement, team management, motivation, resilience, and training. Created by Worldie’s original founder, we’ll know how to make people feel more positive and in control of their environment.

Psych Victims & Equality International

Empowering victims to give them leadership, equality, civility, autonomy, choice, a voice, and advocacy. Victims are empowered to be leaders, to share their stories, and to change the narrative. The project humanizes people and removes alienation. It’s a modern problem in society where the victims need to take priority and given oversight. The project collects evidence, validates, and supports victims worldwide with international leadership. They’re for situational, social, environmental, economic, and action-based aid, empowerment, motivation, equality, natural reactions, and humane support without coercion, victim blaming, or disorders. They want humane change and to save lives with civility.

Worldies support victims of crime, abuse, and those in adverse situations with motivational and situational aid. Worldie is against discrimination, cyberabuse, and exploitation. We support victims, give victims a voice, and support equality. We’ll show empathy and understand social effects to provide positive social impact to improve lives.


Elektronicaly uses artificial intelligence technology as a tool to eradicate counterfeit electronics, create online safe spaces, and all things AI related for the betterment of humanity. Worldie supports safety with technology, security, prevention, technology to disadvantaged demographics, business, commerce, and a safe internet for all.

Being a Worldie is changing the world and helping others. Join a better world and future.