Improving Lives with Social Tech for Good ✈️ 

Safe and Equal World with a Network of Partners

Worldie‘s mission is to build equality, rescue, safety, humanitarianism, progress, and all-in-one integration to improve and save lives with social technology, social impact, women’s equality, proactivity, and networks of partners for a better world and future.
Worldie creates technology and coding for anti-cyberabuse, safety, equality, humanitarianism, help, and collaboration. Through our partnerships, we provide expansion and technology for good.
We are a center for services with benevolent systems to increase quality of life.


Worldie focuses on saving lives with the strongest partners. We use case
examples in our training of women, disadvantaged demographics, and victims needing public safety and humanitarian services, to increase equality, living standards, and safety in technology.
We represent people worldwide and from different regions. We are an international and transnational social enterprise overseen by nonprofits, representatives, stakeholders, and partners. We support representation for social issues with committees and create leadership to increase equality with technology. We are collaborative, innovative, humanitarian, egalitarian, and futuristic for changing the world.
Worldie – Social Media for Good.
Equality, Rescue, Safety, Progress, and All-In-One Integration.

Open your world


Social Tech for Good with Safety and Equality

Public Safety, Humanitarianism, and Services

With our technology projects, partners, and platforms, we create social impact. No other social media platform has safety or servicing people as a priority.
When you use Worldie, you’re contributing to a system that will use your data to help you.

New Era of Equality, Safety, Rescue, and Tech4Good 🎉

By connecting organizations and a network of partners for a safe and equal world, Worldie acts as a distribution channel for people within mainstream communication.

We aim to improve and save lives through technology, social impact, and services. We want people to be safe, positive, unified, equal, economically improved, and to help others.

We influence people and organizations to be more collaborative and positive.

Social media impacts people greatly. We are transparent and as 2nd generation, we want people to know that it can be like simulations and a videogame within the ecosystem.

We want to bring causes that help people to the forefront.

We have interfered online as a team for harassed or cybrabused people with some success, but without control of the systems, we can never be fully successful. Worldie leads to solutions.

As we continue, we see that people have benefited from our organization.
We are innovative and ethical by creating positive social effects tech.


Meet new people. Create. Feel limitless. Feel safe.

We focus on safety and equality by connecting technology to nonprofits, services, and causes, which is missing in other social media companies.

We are the 2nd generation from the social side first. Unlike the first generation of social platforms using data or technology only for advertising, profit at people’s expense, or to divide people to increase engagement, we create technology and services for positive social impact. We want to improve lives – not watch a roman gladiator game of what is simulated to trend or to subliminally alter society negatively at the expense of individuals.

Frameworks based on social impact, social projects, and stakeholders is the most protective structure.

We want technology to be an empowering tool for people that improves their lives.

Leadership of women, diversity, and disadvantaged demographics is missing in technology, public safety, and social media. There are no other founders of well-known social media companies that are women or disadvantaged demographics – who face the most hate, lack of safety, and harassment. We change this structure to focus on the demographics with the largest needs, while still mainstreaming them with high quality and features.

 Social media is an ecosystem which relates on individual and crowdsourced levels.

Social Impact Stakeholder Model

The stakeholder model is the strongest for protecting people on social media and for benevolence.

We care about each person, not the majority. We are changing the foundations for social media with a social impact model.

We are here to benefit the public with partnerships, social projects, and community stakeholders. Our quality is measured by social impact. By accepting donations and grants, our services and protection of individuals and disadvantaged demographics matters compared to for-profit platforms. We want to improve and save lives.

Two way success.

Egalitarian: “All people are equal and deserve equal rights and opportunities.“
Humanitarian: “Involved in or connected with improving people’s lives and reducing suffering.”
We have an ethical and egalitarian policy and represent all social statuses for the best solutions.
Anti-cyberabuse, public safety, and nonprofit services take priority.

Social Impact Projects and Programs

We want to provide equal opportunity to social media and the internet.
  • We will connect people in disadvantaged demographics around the world.
    • We will spread technology and information to disadvantaged demographics and geographical regions.
  • We want to create a Help Network for people worldwide.
  • Services and integrating people to open their worldviews.
  • Social impact initiatives, social good, and awareness to improve online and offline life around the world.
  • Worldie’s technology products are to provide people quality social media and opportunities to connect globally with high standards.
  • We have a network of partners and oversight with representatives.
  • We support United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, such as Goals 5: Gender Equality, 10: Reduce Inequalities, 16: Peaceful and Inclusive Societies, and 17.
  • We want to protect individuals and solve cyberabuse with a pro-active, pre-emptive model that goes beyond the victim-centered model, as well as influencing people to do direct help.
  • As a service, we provide communication, sharing, creativity, and networking services to people.

Guide on Improving Social Media:

  • Be social impact and stakeholder focused to increase livability of people.
  • Be proactive, pre-emptive, innovative, protective, evolutionary, and adaptive.
  • Create and provide safety, equality, positivity, services, case examples, training, collaboration, and representation to improve lives – both of individuals and society.
  • Prevent, mitigate, and stop cyberabuse, harassment, hate, discrimination, exploitation, crime, disasters, and extremism for better lives.
  • Support better quality of life, development, and improving standards of living.
  • Strong oversight, partners, and leaders who respond for equal and safe decisions.
  • Respect people’s protection, equality, expression, and rights.
  • Support positive charity, movements, leadership, business, and activism.
  • Support humanitarianism, public safety, distribution, and services.
  • Support egalitarian internet governance, multilateral and international protections, global human and equal rights, and leadership.
  • View that every individual is equal and matters – including public figures.
  • Give many opportunities for creativity, customization, and to be different.
  • Have ethical leaders, advisers, and partners who want to help society.
  • Know that people want to have a voice.
  • Care about the individual first and foremost, not the crowd.
  • Support journalism, hard news, and sharing information.
  • Understand motivation and positive social effects in a chain reaction.
  • Respect differences in political views.
  • Watch platform culture closely.

Worldie doesn’t ever stop changing – it’s an evolution. 🚀


Worldie takes the lead to create a safer internet by removing the “Wild West” on social media.

Ethical Social Media.
International Leaders.
Improve Lives Online.
The social impact and stakeholder model is protective.
Social Projects.
Safe & Equal World.
Technology for Good.
Make a difference by creating new systems for social impact.
Social media is a like a game and creative canvas.

Equality, Rescue, Safety, Progress, and All-In-One. Join a Better World and Future with Social Media for Good.