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Improving Lives Worldwide with a Network of Partners for Social Impact
Contact us at Worldie if you have any questions, suggestions, to join our network of partners, if anyone needs any help, or if you want to work with us.
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Worldie Ltd is a Social Enterprise for social impact with progressive, humanitarian, collaborative, and egalitarian innovation to improve lives worldwide and an International Headquarters in London, United Kingdom.

We focus on Tech4Good with anti-cyberabuse projects, help projects, and partnerships to expand safety, equality, humanitarianism, services, and integration.

Safe and Equal World

    Ethical Social Media.
    International Leaders.
    Improve Lives Online.
    The social impact and stakeholder model is protective.
    Social Projects.
    Safe & Equal World.
    Technology for Good.
    Make a difference by creating new systems for social impact.
    Social media is a like a game and creative canvas.

    Social Media for Good. Safety, Equality, Rescue, and All-In-One Integration. Open your world.