Careers & Volunteer

Volunteer or Work for us if you want to make a positive social impact.

Life in a nonprofit technology organization provides the opportunity to be involved in creating positive social effects and internet policies.

Worldie aims to create a new era for social media, and this is exciting for many who are a part of it.

Do you:

  • Want to create a helpful social media system?
  • Like projects with opportunities to make a social impact?
  • Want a voice in what happens in social media?
  • Think that other social media platforms do not do enough?
  • Want to help a nonprofit which cares about people?

Unless you are an outsourced developer or designer, we currently have only volunteer positions until we get grants, funding, donations, and revenue for paid employment.

Advantages at Worldie

Motivational, integrated, open, and remote international structure.

We recruit from all social statuses and work remotely – letting members work from anywhere and have different perspectives. We have motivational leadership and positive, open collaboration.

See our board, committees, and team for leadership that makes a difference.

Ask to volunteer for us and to track the hours you spend for helping the social good.

  • We offer internship positions and can provide you international experience.
  • For researchers, you could use Worldie as an example for your positive research if it has beneficial social effects.

Fill in the form below or contact us to volunteer, work, or if you have other ideas on how to contribute.