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Improve Lives with Social Media for Good 🚀

Worldie builds a Safe and Equal World for Equality, Rescue, Safety, Progress, and Humanitarianism with Social Media for a Better Future.

We improve quality of life, progress, rescue, women’s equality, and safety.
Our protective, proactive, and humanitarian systems rescue, prevent and mitigate cyberabuse, nullify harms, and amplify social impact.

We’re from the social side first, and understand social ecosystem effects.

As a second generation of social media, we’re the solutions of the future.

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Social media meets the ethical all-in-one platform

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Social Projects to Help the World

Helpful Social Media Systems

Public Safety, Humanitarianism, and Services

With our technology projects, partners, and platforms, we create social impact. No other social media platform has safety or servicing people as a priority.
When you use Worldie, you’re contributing to a system that will use your data to help you.

Worldie Supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Worldie Supports Safety and Equality:

  • Goal 5 – Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls
  • Goal 10 – Reduce Inequalities
  • Goal 16 – Peaceful and Inclusive Societies
  • Goal 17 – Global Partnerships for the SDGs

We support female leadership in social media, stopping violence against women with technology, and providing a protective environment which supports Goal 5:

“Enhance the use of enabling technology, in particular information and communications technology, to promote the empowerment of women.”

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity.

Anti-Cyberabuse & Protective Environments

Creating a Safe & Equal World - Public Safety and Saving LIves

Rescue Social Tech

Proactivity for Social Influence - Artificial Intelligence and Robots for Good

Help Networks

Creating a Helpful World - Directly, Services, Partnerships


Equal Rights, Human Rights, Equality, Women's Equality

Research Supports Worldie 💡

Outside research and examples worldwide support creating Social Media for Good with oversight on social effects.

Data for Good 🚀

Our goal is to use data for good and positive social impact with benevolent social projects to improve lives.

We care about people and thrive on improving lives and success. Data should be used for services, nonprofits, public safety, humanitarianism, social good, positive social effects, protective oversight, and to serve people in a social impact model with stakeholders. We move technology from being ads-based to being services, livability, and protection based.

With humanitarian ethics, equality, services, safety, anti-cyberabuse, credibility management, and social projects, we can create a helpful social environment within main communication channels.

We want safe, innovative, progressive, diplomatic, positive, and intelligent oversight and partnerships to create a new era for social media for good.

Good leaders should make you feel safe.

For example, SaveMeNow App is a partner, and they gather data during fire incidents and geolocate with the goal of saving lives with firefighters.

Worldie is technology for positivity, safety, and equality. Open your world for progress.

Anti-Cyberabuse, Diplomacy, and International Protections Policy

We lead the way by having an anti-cyberabuse, diplomacy, and international protections policy. Many organizations and global initiatives have been calling for an end to online hate, harassment, and abuse. We want people to be happy, safe, and equal both online and in-person around the world. We feel that true expression is only available if people can do it safely and without retaliation. We watch platform culture closely and use technology to make people's lives better. We find the best solution with diplomatic ideas and support international protections.

``We, the Internet`` Citizen's Dialogue Supports Co-Decision

According to ``We, the Internet`` citizen's dialogue overseen by the United Nations digital cooperation panel, people want a co-decision model. “Creating an inclusive digital public sphere.`` Worldie wants to solve the issues of disinformation and harmful 'fake news' by supporting quality journalism, positive social impact, and carefully monitoring the effects of our platform. We support stakeholders who will provide a base for our social projects. We want to protect individuals and solve cyberabuse with a pro-active, pre-emptive model that goes beyond the victim-centered model, as well as influencing people to do direct help.

Beneficial Social Projects, Services, and Stakeholders

With social impact projects, programs, and goals, we can help create and encourage positive social influence. As an organization to benefit the community, we focus on stakeholders, which provides quality and social impact as priorities. We can improve lives by providing public access to quality online platforms and technology. We provide people a creative canvas and network. We can use technology for positive social effects on people. Each module and feature applies to our projects. We want people to feel better and helped, either directly from other people or through services. Open your world.

Leadership and Oversight You Can Trust

Leaders and Committees

Worldwide Representatives to Change the World 🌍
At our international organization, we represent people worldwide and from different regions.

Worldie provides people representation for social issues. With this structure, we can grow with a strong foundation. We provide transparency, social impact, credibility, and openness. This is the structure for the future.

Our teams and committees are of all social statuses, and because of this, we can provide a more egalitarian platform. As 2nd generation, we are from the social side first. We understand social effects from the online ecosystem. Social media should be a springboard for life, progress, and productivity. The individual matters, not the majority.

We want people to be safe and treated equally everywhere. We have ethical, egalitarian, humanitarian, motivational, high quality, and innovative goals to improve people’s lives. 

Being a Worldie is changing the world and helping others. Open your world.

Partners, Supporters, & Advisers

Join our International Network of Partners to improve lives with services, oversight, representation, equality, and safety for a better world.

We welcome partnerships and advisers who will work with us to support social projects, make helpful decisions with oversight, provide services, and share resources for mutual positive benefit. Our goal is to set strong foundations for a safe and equal world to improve lives with innovation, social impact, technology, a positive internet, our international organization, and a network of partners. We expand and support our partners worldwide.

We create Social Media for Good where people benefit from a framework of nonprofits, services, causes, and social projects. We want our frontend users to connect to suggested partners, backend services, and response.

We’re creating a structure which is a flipped pyramid of strong oversight, leaders, and services who respond to provide the best outcomes.

We especially focus on public safety, humanitarianism, services, diplomacy, UN SDGs, and equality.

We want to provide services and social impact as an international organization with representation for livability, communications, safety, equality, data for good, and social issues.

A Social Platform Made For You. Be Limitless.

Creative Choices & Personality

This is your creative canvas. Be different! Our style is multi-color to encourage people to be cheerful, to be equal, and to be themselves. Post images, videos, events, pages, and groups in new ways to showcase your content and creativity. We want individuality and uniqueness. Open people up to new ideas, opinions, and expressions.

Connecting the World

Our goal is to open your world to new people and places. Know people all over the world and what is happening. It's worldclass. We also want to integrate people and create understanding. In social impact projects, we will connect people in disadvantaged areas and promote benevolence, progress, and positivism.

Nearly Free Business for Everyone

We want people to have nearly free e-commerce, selling, and services with worldwide access and integration. We want worldwide economies to flourish with only the transaction fees required. By providing these services, we're opening people up to create their own initiatives, businesses, jobs, and help their economies.

Have Fun

We ``Let it Live`` and we're for Carpe Diem (Seize the day). We want you to enjoy yourself as much as possible. We know social media effects, and watch its effect on each person and the environment as a whole. We're egalitarians overall.

Worldie takes the lead to create a safer internet by removing the “Wild West” on social media.

Social Media for Good

We bring innovation, ethics, safety, equality, philanthropy, services, and quality as an international organization that values positive social impact and each person in the social media ecosystem.

Ethical Social Media.
International Leaders.
Improve Lives Online.
The social impact and stakeholder model is protective.
Social Projects.
Safe & Equal World.
Technology for Good.
Make a difference by creating new systems for social impact.
Social media is a like a game and creative canvas.

Join a Better World and Future. International Social Media & Rescue Social Tech.